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Singaporean Fashion House Outsourced Image Annotation Project with DEO and Launched their Marketing Campaign on Schedule

The Client

As an innovative, well-established Fashion Design House based in Singapore, the client focused on the designing, manufacturing, and sale of cutting edge fashion apparel and accessories. The client also focused on the competitive e-commerce market and was looking to execute an ambitious marketing campaign after the organization of their website.

Singaporean Fashion House Outsourced

Client Requirements

The client's plans to update their website required an outsourcing partner who could provide bounding boxes and annotation for approximately half a million images in their repository. Each image featured five to six properties that needed defining, and the client had a firm deadline of two months, which included the first and final reviews, and any necessary modifications. Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) was contacted by the client, and after the initial discussions, the client decided to engage our services due to the following reasons:

  • DEO's experience in similar annotation and tagging projects, which would lend an additional level of professionalism to this venture.
  • Ability to meet the client's strict deadline without loss of quality, or any need for project extensions.
  • Availability of necessary resources to complete a project of this size and intricacy.

Challenges Faced by DEO

DEO had to face a few challenges while working on this extensive bounding box and annotation project:

  • The client requested several review and approval steps over the duration of the project, which took extra time.
  • Along with the original half a million images, the client assigned an additional 50,000 images to be tagged and completed within the same timeframe.
  • The brief, two-month period schedule was particularly demanding given the details and time involved in annotating and tagging 550,000 images.

Solutions Provided by DEO

DEO created a customized approach to this project that would facilitate a streamlined process from start to finish:

  • After the initial consultation between DEO and the client, a trial phase ensued. DEO's team picked the first 100 images from the client's website repository and applied all the necessary annotations and bounding boxes. The team also suggested the set of terminologies that would be applied to the project, accompanied by a brief documentation for the client's approval.
  • The client proceeded to peruse the work completed during the trial phase, and after feedback was exchanged, the base requirement was finalized.
  • The set of terminologies to be used in the project following the annotations and documentation was also finalized by the client.
  • DEO assigned a team of 10 to handle this project, and full-fledged work began, interrupted only by scheduled, periodic deliveries of the completed annotated images to the client.
  • According to the process defined by both DEO and the client, spot quality checks were conducted on the deliverables. A final quality check was performed by the client, and as everything was accurate, the project was completed.

Exceptional steps taken by DEO to complete the project to the client's exact specifications:

  • In addition to trained backup resources, DEO had planned for buffer time to accommodate any potential change requests or modifications from the beginning.
  • The DEO team ensured that the extra 50,000 images that the client had added to this project were completed within the same timeframe.

Software used over the course of the project:

  • Pixtick annotation tool

The Results:

DEO's team went to great lengths to ensure that this detailed, labor intensive project would be completed successfully and exceed the client's expectations:

  • The client received all of the deliverables within the requested two-month project completion deadline and was pleased that all details exceeded their expectations with no requests for modifications.
  • Due to DEO's adherence to quality benchmarks and timeline, the client was able to launch their marketing campaign as planned.
  • The process developed by DEO to complete this project became a new benchmark for future projects.
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