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Invoice Data Entry Project Comprising 20K Different Invoices for US-based Analytics Company

The Client- Outsourced Invoice Data Entry Project

The US-based client is a data analytics firm specializing in the natural gas and oil industry and with experience in power, demand and other energy segments. Their goal is to deliver data-driven intelligence that's critical to any business's bottom line and that any user can understand and use.

The client essentially redefines complex data by using industry-leading data collection approaches and working with data experts who understand, convert, clean, and enrich this data. They seek to innovate and evolve the way complex data is turned into meaningful information.

Outsourced Invoice Data Entry Project

Requirements for the Invoice Data Entry Project

The client approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) for assistance with an invoice data entry project. They required approximately 20 000 typed invoices to be processed within a week. This would be an on-going project for DEO.

Challenges Faced by DEO's Data Entry Specialists

The main challenges faced by the team were the short timeline within which to complete the project, as well as finding reliable resources with data entry experience to handle the project.

Our Detailed Process for This Project

DEO's step-by-step process:

  • The client approached DEO for assistance with an invoice data entry project which required approximately 20 000 typed invoices to be processed within a week.
  • It was decided that 8 resources would be assigned to this project and that they would need to complete 30 invoices per hour in order to complete the project within the client's desired timeframe.
  • The client provided the resources access to their portal so they were able to gain access to the typed invoices.
  • The invoices showed oil and gas transactions reports and purchases and contained details such as how many barrels of oil were purchased and the price. The resources used these details to process the invoices, update them, and upload them to the client's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Project Benefits – 100% Accurate Delivery Within the Agreed Timelines

The client was impressed with the fast turnaround time and the fact that they were able to save costs by not having to hire their own full-time staff members to handle this project. They were also impressed with the 100% level of accuracy that the resources achieved throughout the project. This has now become an on-going project for DEO which is a fantastic outcome for them.

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