U.S. Startup Contracts DEO for Geotagging Process, DEO Hires 150 Staff in Record 30 Days for Client

The Client: A Location Mapping Startup

The client is a developer of social and location-based application for users to connect and interact with others around them in real time. The client is now developing an innovative service that will help users find and locate just about any business or service closest to them by viewing store fronts. For instance someone living in San Jose, California wants to find a café or bakery in downtown San Jose. He or she only needs to type café or bakery and the application will show store fronts of these businesses via street map and 360° panoramic views of downtown San Jose.

The Business Situation

The client called upon Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) to help with location mapping of every street in the U.S. and every business. The client had earlier taken the services of freelancers spread across the world and that caused the following problems:

  • Even with a substantial number of freelancers being contracted to work on the project, the geotagging work only increased—meaning the client could no longer manage freelancers and track their progress despite his best efforts and realized he needed to outsource the work to a professional data entry company like Data Entry Outsourced.
  • There were other issues managing a global network of freelancers such as—scheduling and managing tasks, collaboration and real-time feedback and performance analysis.

The Client Request

The client wanted DEO to adhere to four requests:

  • The client wanted DEO to tag the front, left, right and entrance of only stores and commercial establishments.
  • Maintain an accuracy of 75%.
  • Hire 150 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) as soon as possible.
  • Deliver 40 tags per hour

The DEO Solution

The client gave DEO access to the entire U.S. map and website backend tool.

DEO developed a four-step solution process:

  • Immediately started with 50 FTE's. Another 50 were added in one month and 50 more will be included in the team as the work progresses.
  • The first 100 people were divided into 3 teams with a manager assigned to each team. These 3 managers reports to the head who in turn works closely with the client on an everyday basis.
  • DEO instituted a quality control team that monitored every tag before being mailed to the client.
  • To help us get through the project with ease, the client had 3-4 screen sharing sessions.

Results: Accurate and On-Time Delivery

This on-going project, worth over a million dollars, met and exceeded the client expectations with the following results:

  • DEO delivered the final tags with 95% accuracy.
  • As the project progressed, the client faced problems managing freelancers, but with DEO that issue was solved. As we take the ownership and responsibility of the project and with a single point of contact, the client was able to capitalize on a highly competitive staff.
  • By outsourcing the project to us, the client is on course to launching a very innovative application in the U.S. market.
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