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DEO's Enterprising Business Card Data Entry Services

Business cards are the hallmark of professional exchanges, a means to trade relevant information, promote oneself and one's business, and set a tone for business interactions. It is important to avail yourself of services pertaining to business cards in order to gain all the possible benefits from the related information.

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) offers unique and matchless solutions for all of your company's business card needs in the form of our Business Card Data Entry Services. Update your current business card information, convert data to a more usable format, index business cards, and more with our incomparable options.


DEO's Quality Business Card Data Entry Services

DEO is proud to provide your company with the highest standard of quality solutions within our range of business card data entry services that are designed to exceed your every expectation.

  • Our qualified staff can enter all of your company's business card information into a more organized format and convert it to a client stipulated database with our economical Business Card Data Entry Services.

  • DEO's business card data entry services can gather information from your hard copy or printed business cards and enter the data into a convenient online system for use across websites, emails, and internal operating systems. A savvy choice for maintaining orderly, accessible information, sharing business card data, and avoiding potential loss of information.

  • Draw upon business card information whenever you need it by looking to DEO's business card data entry services. We can systematically index all of your business cards, regardless of their format, into a more organized method. Indexing options include arrangement alphabetically, sequentially, by descending or ascending date, by location, or numerically.

  • Continue to keep your existing business card information correct, organized, and readily accessible by relying on DEO's extensive business card data entry services. We can aid your company in maintaining your business cards within a database, server, or other format for optimal conservation of all information.

  • Business cards are available in diverse materials, which is why DEO offers business card formatting and conversion with our customizable business card data entry solutions. Our cutting edge data management process enters all pertinent data swiftly and correctly, and formats to or from Excel, Word Doc, other spreadsheets, or web based systems depending on your company's distinct needs.

  • DEO's well designed business card data entry services can update your outdated, old, or inaccurate business card information with current, relevant data for better management. Ensure that clients, partners, vendors, investors, and employees have the most up to date information at all times with updated business card data.

A Finely Honed Process of Business
Card Data Entry from the Specialists at DEO

Years of successful experience as a leader within the industry has enabled DEO to craft a flawless process of Business Card Data Entry Services that cater to our valued client's every need.

  • Client Consultation: Our approach to business card data entry begins with our esteemed clients so that our professional team can be informed as to your project goals. DEO works with your company to develop a tailored plan for the best possible outcome.

  • Business Card Data Scanning: DEO's innovative facility houses automated scanning systems that accurately read the information from your company's business cards in a combined method of electronic scanning and manual keying. We apply OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) accordingly, and our knowledgeable staff performs manual data entry and keying when needed for any potential missing or incomplete information.

  • Database Storage: The last step in our personalized method is storage, in which DEO houses your business card data within a storage format of your choosing. We create secure databases for your information that will be easily retrievable and ready for your particular utilization. We can provide additional security measures by assigning access codes, passwords, or other details for absolute privacy of data.

  • Business Card Information Collection: DEO collects all of your business card data from its current source, be it hard copies, Excel, or other digital format, and readies it for detailed scanning in our automated system. Using data mining methods, DEO can also collect business card information for your prospects for marketing purpose.

  • Business Card Data Clean Up and Formatting: After all business card data has been scanned, we perform rigorous control checks across all of your information, cleaning up irregularities and inaccuracies. Any issues are flagged for further review, whereby supervisors correct errors, for complete confidence of accuracy levels. We format to your request, be it conversion from printed to online servers, or digitizing to electronic sources, carefully retaining all relevant data.

The Myriad Benefits of Relying upon
DEO's Business Card Data Entry Services

DEO is confident in our ability to provide your business with professional and practical benefits when you choose to rely on our expert business card data entry services.

  • Modernize Your Business Cards: Updating your business card data to digital formats is a modern means of marketing your company, keeping more accurate records of individual's information, and retrieving data from any location. DEO's data entry services will help you bring your business card information into the 21st Century.

  • Optimize Business Card Data with Popular Media Sites: DEO's unparalleled business card data entry services can create digital copies of business card databases for utilization across popular social media sites like Facebook and other professional networking sites.

  • Customizable Business Card Data Options for Small or Large Companies: Our dedicated staff can format mass quantities of business card data on short times frames, with customizable options for small or large businesses. DEO's scalable business card data entry services can create streamlined business card databases for smaller, startup companies, or for larger, multinational companies.

  • Databases from Hard Copies without Information Loss: Companies may be apprehensive about digitizing their vital business card data for fear of loss of information. Yet DEO's expansive Business Card Data Entry Services sets an unprecedented standard of error-free data scanning with state of the art software systems that always retain your relevant information. Your new electronic database will contain all the crucial data obtained from their original printed versions.

  • Categorize Your Business Cards: DEO can create customizable databases for your business card information that simplifies your search process with our adaptable business card data entry solutions. Pull up information by sub-category, or assign certain business contacts to specific sections that provide additional organization within your business card databases.

  • Add Missing Business Card Information: DEO can insert any missing business card information into existing, incomplete databases with our efficient data enrichment services. Ensure that the information you are currently utilizing is complete by outsourcing to DEO.

  • Device Accessible Databases: Companies looking to access their business card data on multiple devices can look to DEO's carefully crafted business card data entry services. Our methodical team can create databases that can be accessed using any device: smart phones, tablets, PC's, iOS sources like iPhones and iPads, and across the web.

  • Information Archiving Capabilities: DEO enables your company to successfully and safely archive any databases containing business card information with our popular Business Card Data Entry Services. Store older databases away for safe keeping, or easily retrieve them at a future time.

DEO's Enterprising Business Card Data Entry Services

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