Data Entry Outsourced Assists Battery Recycling Firm with Business Card Data Entry Project

The Client – Leading Battery Recycling Company in the US

Based in New York, USA, the client is a firm focused on the responsible recycling of scrap batteries. As part of the electronic recycling business, the company hones in on providing a complete audit trail, including pick up and direct delivery of batteries to secondary lead smelters as well as pickup and delivery to various smelting operations and battery processing plants.

Requirements for the Business Card Data Entry Project

The client required the assistance of Data Entry Outsourced for business card data entry which involved entering business card data into Excel sheets. We received 20 000 business cards, and the project was to be completed within 12 business days.

We received the business cards via courier to our physical address and set about updating the details into their web portal in a structured format that would be fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook and several other mail servers and communication portals.

Challenges Faced by DEO's Team

Our team faced a few minor challenges along the way. Though none of them were insurmountable, they did threaten to cause some delays. Duplicate cards were one of our pain points as well as the laborious process of arranging them in alphabetical order.

Additionally, there was no guarantee that all the information presented on the cards was 100% correct. As such, we were required to verify the data using the information we sourced from Google Search before keying the information into the right fields.

Business Card Data Entry Process We Followed

We assigned a team of 6 dedicated resources to tackle the task at hand. Our step-wise process was as follows:

  • After receiving a full project scope from the client, we took the time to outline the project flow. We needed to ensure that we would be able to stick to the client's precise expectations regarding the timeline and the form of delivery.
  • We briefed our 6-person team on dealing with the volume and adhering to the deadline.
  • Our data entry experts manually entered the business card details - one card at a time - into the client-specified web portal.

Achievement in the Form of a Happy Client and an On-going Contract

The client was highly satisfied by the timely manner in which we handled such a large volume of business cards, and equally pleased by our accuracy. As one of the most affordable service providers in the industry, we were able to pass along significant savings to the client who will be sure to work with us on similar projects in the future.

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