Renowned Multi-platform Online Game Analyst Seeks CRM Data Entry from Data Entry Outsourced

The Client – Represents Online Gaming Community

Well-known in the multi-platform gaming community, the client is part of a society that concentrates on competitive online gaming. As the PS4 games or tournaments continue, the players submit automatically captured screenshots of the in-game progress to the client for record keeping. The client maintains a database of the match details for ranking, score charts, and other statistics details for players to visualize their progress holistically.

The client takes these screenshots and utilizes them to create in-depth profiles on each game and character, including stats, progress reports, achievements, and any other notable information.

Requirements for the CRM Data Entry Project

The client approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) with the project of data analysis and CRM data entry. The client required us to work with the provided screenshots and do data entry in their CRM to highlight specific information namely: game status, player performance, league table score, etc.

The main purpose of the project was to showcase how close the players are on winning or losing the game, and where they stand in the game so that they can plan the right game strategy.

Challenges Faced by DEO's Data Entry Team

In taking on this project, the main challenges we faced were varied game details and short turnaround times. As we were looking into more than one type of online game with many unique rules, it was difficult for the team to gain a full understanding of each game we were working on.

Coupled with the steep deadline we were given, and the 300-500 images needing to be completed each day, the team was under a ton of pressure to meet the standards set out by the client.

However, after completing a few sessions of the tournaments, we got a better handle on the details. We created our internal processes and checklist to follow and were able to move forward without much hassle.

Process Following by Our Specialist Team

Using multiple resources and years of data entry experience, the team at DEO tackled this project with the following steps:

  • Before starting the project, we had a few calls with the client to understand the exact nature of the requirement. Moreover, we understood and documented our client's objective.
  • We fixed the scope and deliverables of the project. With consensus, we laid out the specifications of the 12-month project and formed a 3-member team on a full-time basis.
  • We received 300-500 images of the on-going PS4 tournaments to go through every day and segregated them based on the client specified categories.
  • Looking into each screenshot, we extracted the needed information, namely player performance, score, challenges, and averages, etc.
  • Once we fetched and structures this information, we paired it with each image and updated the same into the client's CRM database.

End Project Benefits

By using our expertise, Data Entry Outsourced was able to provide the client with the information they needed. As requested by the client, we met the delivery timelines, not even a single day and thus, saved the client money.

Being highly satisfied with our services, the client handed more projects to us in the form of an on-going contract. Both DEO and the client benefited greatly, and we are confident that the success in this project has paved the way to a long and productive business relationship.

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