Over a Million Images Delivered with Professional Image Data Entry in Just Six-Months

The Client- A Statistical and Analytical Data Professional

A statistical and analytical data professional, the client provides a means whereby related information is collected and can be summarized into reports and presented for general feedback. This information can cover anything from general app usages to news topics, websites, and more. Working with a body of volunteers at a university in New York City, the client went about creating a list of app usage statistics which highlights what is currently trending in that part of the student community and what isn't.

Requirements for the Image Data Entry Project

The client approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) with a list of data pointers and screenshots provided by the student volunteers in batches. The client wanted our image data entry team to analyze each screenshot and develop an Excel-based report by extracting the details from the screenshots. The information needed to range from the most used apps to the least used and entered accurately in the appropriate fields. Our team was given a batch of around 40,000 images each week and a turnaround time of 7 days per batch.

Resource Allocation and Delivery Timeline Challenges, We Overcome

The challenges we faced in taking on this project were due to the large size of each batch and the short time we had to work with. We also struggled to collect the 20-person team needed to manage the task in such a short space of time. We were slightly hindered by the client's specific expectations. However, after getting the necessary resources together, we were able to meet the high turnover requirements, and move forward with the project.

Our Detailed Process

The client provided us with images from the apps through Google Drive which we assigned among our image data entry team. Going through each image, we extracted the required information as follows:

  • What applications are being used on a daily basis and for how many hours each.
  • What all the apps currently being used are and which ones are being used the most.
  • We categorized the purpose of these apps - reading, tracking the news, gaming, entertainment, or other.
  • We were also instructed to include which phones or means of technology they are using.
  • Finally, we collated this information in an Excel sheet and presented it to the client.
  • We maintained a batch tracker and separate communication thread for hassle-free project coordination experience for the client.

The Client Benefitted from a 20-Member Image Data Entry Back Office Team

This project had a 6-month period agreement, in which time the team went through and categorized close to a million images. By achieving this goal, we not only provided the exact data the client was looking for but also saved them money and unnecessary hassle. Due to our success, the client was very satisfied with our work and has asked for more projects to be handled by us moving forward.

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