Effective Data Conversion Process from Data Entry Outsourced

Organizations are attempting to handle disruption from the digital entrance and need to improve their ability to channel all their data where needed. To do so, they require data conversion from old or obsolete formats to the new required format. For example, documents from clinical systems in healthcare can be converted to a format that's easily shared and read across hospitals, physicians, and administration within the same branch. Likewise, telecom departments use data conversion as an enterprise-wide solution to better manage database storage.

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) sets the bar for data conversion services that demonstrates the expertise of our specialized data management team. With over two decades in offering data conversion and data entry services, DEO has streamlined its process aligning to the ISO regulations. Adapting and using the latest conversion techniques and software, DEO's data conversion process has become structured enough to ensure delivery of error-free files within the agreed delivery timelines always.

A High Impact, Low-Risk Approach to the Data Conversion Process

Data Entry Outsourced approaches each data conversion project with a customized process utilizing conversion software as well as human effort, depending on the type of data being converted. This high-level approach prepares data for conversion, along with effective communication of every detail, and an inventory of the system and supporting components as the data is transitioned.

We address the details like data volume, type, quality, source, and other complexities in cross-referenced materials and ensure that the original embedded data integrity is maintained across the data conversion process steps:

  • Transferring Data from Your Business:

    Beginning with a secure transfer of data from the business system, information sources are retrieved and prepared for conversion. Businesses don't have to manually collect and prepare their data as DEO handles this process end-to-end.

  • Clean up the Data:

    To contribute to data completeness, all redundancies, errors, discrepancies, and DEO cleanses missing information. This ensures businesses have reliable, high quality, relevant information that actually contributes to their business objectives.

  • Convert the Data:

    Scripts are developed to effectively extract, transform, and load the data into the targeted format. Multiple formats being converted into a single format can also be supported, and any configuration issues are identified and corrected, which allows businesses to have their desired format and a successful data conversion or migration.

  • Validate the Data:

    During this step, errors and redundancies are reconciled, and data is normalized, followed by proprietary data quality control measures. DEO uses this element of the process to create business rules, ensuring that any missing records, new codes, or incorrect entries don't impact the outcome.

  • Develop a Database or Configure Formatting:

    Businesses need built-in performance for their converted data by receiving logically structured database tables based on desired functionality for the user. DEO gives them this ability by designing a final operational format that's streamlined for usage.

The Next Generation of Data Conversion Capabilities

Businesses can avail DEO's data conversion services to turn their wealth of information in legacy formats into workable formats. This allows companies to easily share, distribute, and publish data across different business applications with cross-platform compatibility. Our Data conversion includes the following:

  • Updating legacy formats into a digital format.
  • Systemizing documents.
  • Converting from one format to multiple formats, or vice versa.
  • Converting knowledge into action with a more widely distortable and usable data format.

DEO's data conversion process is developed for particular company units and functional areas, like repositories built for administrative data, or helping clients dealing with applications running on different platforms for the same set of data. Technological capabilities such as advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) helps this process become a strategic asset for most organizations.

All industries benefit from data conversion, including traditional sectors who are en-route toward digitization, as well as Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, IT, Retail, and Telecom domains.

Convergence of Technology, Capability, and Competency

Data Entry Outsourced features a coordinated data conversion program that can be deployed across varied functions, business units, and applications. Agile pricing models include convenient low hourly rate options, or flat fees depending on project type and client budget. Our data conversion catalog can spawn cutting-edge strategies and ensure that companies gain a data management solution or overcome limited expertise and inefficiencies.

DEO uses metrics that are tied to agile work processes and are driven by our aim of zero-defect delivery. Completed deliverables are measured and made visible to senior team members to formalize collaboration and add to our existing agile architecture, for successful conversion each time with every project.

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