E-Pub Conversion for a New Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Series

The Client - Versatile Science Fiction Writer

Based in the US, the client is an experienced science fiction writer. Over the years, the client has written numerous science fiction books and stories. Many of the client's fiction books have been made into movies or TV animation series. The client's books are versatile, and the target audience is both children as well as adults.

Striving for improvement in the written work, our client travels regularly and regularly follows the technology updates on scientific innovation and discovery in the terrestrial space. The client's write-ups reflect both the usual lifestyle and high-tech technology to smoothly bridge a common man to uncommon powers and experiences.

Requirements for the ePub Conversion Project

The client approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) needing his written work to be converted to ePub formats to better expand on the market. We were given a 4-day trial period to complete the first task and meet the required specifications. Each project ranged from 300-400 pages, including the resources section.

Challenges Faced by Our Data Entry Data Entry Team

In dealing with this client, our greatest challenge was the ever-changing parameters in the Statement of Work (SOW). The client often approached us with image and other changes that impacted on our timelines and progress. The ad hoc nature of the team also played a role in this, and the majority of these changes were spontaneous.

However, our team managed to create a workable system of productivity over the disturbance. Concentrating on each step of the task individually, we were able to move on to not only reaching the client's expectations but also exceeding them. We completed a project intended for five days in less than four.

Detailed Process Followed by DEO

The team was insistent on creating a workable system from the word go. To do this, we followed specific steps:

  • The client sent the publishing document in a Microsoft Word document via email.
  • After a preliminary check, our team then took the written work and converted it into an e-publishing format using custom tools to edit and enhance the original, converting for Kindle and e-pub formats.
  • Once the final format was completed, the deliverables were passed through our QC process and sent to the client.
  • The client requests a few small changes which we addressed and sent the final files.

Key Takeaways from the Project

In handling this project, Data Entry Outsourced was able to exceed the client's expectations regarding quality and turnaround time. The final deliverables were up to date and compatible with all digital E-publishing standards as required by the client. The client greatly benefited from our work and had since requested more projects to be handled by us. We are confident that our working relationship with the client will remain strong going into the future.

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