E-commerce Data Entry of Nutritional Products for US-based Multi-million Dollar Food Supplement Supplier

The Client - A Popular Nutritional Product Provider

Based in the United States, our client is a supplier of nutritional supplements, vitamins, probiotics and other products to people seeking a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families. The company provides people and their pets with access to thousands of healthy products, healthy foods, health education and related environmental news.

Requirements for e-Commerce Data Entry Project

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) team was required to collect and upload batches of nutritional product details to the client's web portal for review on a daily basis. Once approved by the client, our team was to upload the details to the client's e-commerce website. The project is ongoing, and the team currently processes 2000 products per week.

Challenges Faced by Our Data Entry Team

In addition to the time constraints associated with such a high-volume data entry task, our team needed to develop an understanding of the Jagva tool (which we were requested to use by the client). Additionally, there were a few hurdles in coming to terms with the uploading process.

Our Detailed E-Commerce Product Data Entry Process for the Project

To fall in line with the client's precise requirements, we developed the following step-wise process:

  • We set up a call to discuss the client's in-depth requirements for E-Commerce Product Data Entry task.
  • A team of 3 dedicated resources was assigned to the task.
  • The team received product images from the client along with detailed product descriptions.
  • We accessed the client's web portal to upload the required details.
  • Using the Jagva tool, we entered the necessary information in as much detail as possible (color, texture, material, customer category, purpose, price, style, etc.) to the client's CRM.
  • Once reviewed, the products made their way to the backend of the e-commerce store.

High-value E-Commerce Data Entry Project Delivered Without Deadline Miss for a Day

This high-volume project is ongoing, and the client is extremely satisfied with our work thus far. The client is particularly pleased with our low costs as well as the speedy turnaround time. We will continue to work on this project until completion, after which we look forward to working with the client on future projects.

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