Step by Step Process for Outsourcing E-Commerce Product Data Entry

Global retail e-commerce sales are projected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021, which is a significant increase of 246.15%. Businesses are looking for solutions to help them manage this accelerated trajectory and are turning to outsourcing to obtain critical support for essential e-commerce tasks.

Product data entry is necessary, but a complex and time-consuming task that's vulnerable to errors when handled by inexperienced personnel or insufficient, inferior resources. It requires a strategic combination of human skill and automated technologies to perform accurately. Consumers can find it challenging to search for potential products from thousands to even millions of individual product items. Well-executed product data entry ensures that they can locate offerings quickly based on uniquely defined search criteria.

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) is a reputed product data entry partner with skills in performing all aspects of e-commerce product data management. DEO utilizes e-commerce CMS technologies towards the development of product entry, product pricing, categorization, stock information management, product image tagging, and product coding.

Upholding International E-commerce Regulations with Trusted Outsourcing Practices

We adhere to the strict global ethics upheld by the Federal Trade Commission's "Electronic Commerce: Selling Internationally A Guide for Businesses," and the International Trade Administration's (ITA) "Country Commercial Guides." Both of these entities outline protocols and suggestions for retail e-commerce practices regarding sales of goods and services for over 125 countries. In particular, they stress the importance of providing clear, truthful, and accurate product information on your website.

These resources augment DEO's existing best in class procedures for outsourcing e-commerce product data entry services. We ensure that all of our product data entry methodologies are customized to suit our client's needs, including product type, country and culture, and local regulations. This helps our valued clients gain the ability to better reach their customers with well-organized, error-free, and defined product data.

The Step by Step Outsourcing Process

Businesses may be wondering exactly out to outsource their e-commerce product data entry requirements to a third-party provider. As a trusted offshore outsourcing partner for over ten years, DEO has implemented a simplified approach to contracting our services.

DEO utilizes techniques that include both manual and automated batch uploading via utilization of CVS files. Productivity, quality, and rapid turnaround are further guaranteed with guidance from one of our experienced Senior Project managers.

Our international client base can expect an efficient, swift process when partnering with DEO for their product data entry needs:

  • Consultation: DEO exceeds client expectations by delivering high quality, guaranteed accurate results. This begins with an initial evaluation of the required services to procure a finite understanding of the client's needs and product offerings.
  • Product Data Entry: DEO performs online data entry, collecting the requisite information, whether it's digital catalogs, hard copy files, brochures, or third-party websites. Essential product descriptions are added and edited, and existing product entries are updated as needed. Product variants, like colors, sizes, and other options, are also added to the items, in addition to categories and sub-categories.
  • Product Indexing: DEO enhances product data organization with indexing that makes browsing and shopping for your products more simple and convenient. We index product data according to your preferences, including product descriptions, manufacturer, brands, and more.
  • Catalogue Building: DEO ensures that searches return accurate lists of product items based on highly specific criteria to help your company organize and standardize product data across all of your channels.
  • Product Coding: DEO utilizes specialized techniques to help businesses better manage their product inventory. We assign Stock Keeping Units (SKU's), UPC's, and other identification codes to products.
  • Product Image Tagging: DEO edits and uploads product images following an intensive image enhancement procedure that optimizes images for your site. Product images are tagged, and bounding boxes are added to increase product search and product feature display capabilities. This includes thumbnails, alternate images, product swatches, and unique naming conventions.
  • Product Search Engine Optimization: DEO creates product page URLs and SEO compatible meta tags for all products. This elevates the product data entry process so that e-commerce products can be found easily and without frustration for customers.
  • Ongoing Functionality: DEO provides continued maintenance and support, regularly updating products with new features, descriptions, prices, and discount codes, or adding fresh product items as needed.

Maximizing the E-commerce Experience with Quality Product Data Entry

Outsourcing product data entry for the e-commerce sector enables organizations to gain a competitive advantage through excellent product data entry management at scalable, affordable prices. Data Entry Outsourced is committed to meeting varied business needs with accurate product data entry, catalog building, product indexing, and image and graphics solutions that are crafted around the constantly evolving e-commerce retail landscape.

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