Top American Billboard Company Outsources Large Geo-Mapping Project with DEO and Receives Precise Results

Our Client – US-based Billboard Company

The client is a Billboard Company based in the United States and is recognized as one of the largest out-of-home media companies in North America. They boast a portfolio of over 400,000 digital and static displays that are prominently displayed in some of the most iconic, high traffic locations in the U.S. From the star-powered streets of Hollywood, California, to the famous Times Square in New York City, the client is an advertising leader whose strategic presence enables advertisers to reach and connect with an audience of millions each day. As the advertising partner of choice for municipal transit systems in major cities, the client gives advertisers increased visibility in key locations.

With displays in over 150 markets across the United States and Canada, the client's commitment to focusing on customers has led to the creation of numerous new platforms. This includes a community of consumers who provide relevant feedback for advertisers and an in-house creative boutique.

Accurate Geo Mapping Requirements

With over 76,000 billboards at different locations, the client needed an effective way to ensure that they could be accurately located on Google Search as the longitude and latitude were not showing up correctly. The client needed a highly experienced outsourcing agency that can manage a large volume project of this nature and approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO).

Challenges Faced by DEO's Data Entry Team

DEO's team faced a few specific challenges during this large volume geo-mapping project:

  • The client adjusted the parameters of the timeframe and required DEO to finish the project early. The number of resources had to be scaled up to accommodate the request.
  • Training an additional number of resources in a very short time span proved to be an additional time challenge.
  • The team members had to make several adjustments to the project schedule to facilitate communication with the client and work around their schedule.
  • For a project dependent upon exact location, absolute adherence to precision was required throughout all assignment components, which was quite time-consuming.

DEO's Customized Approach to This Geo-mapping Project

DEO developed a completely customized approach for this unique geo-mapping project to expedite the process and ensure best outcomes:

  • DEO set up a consultation with the client to encourage communication and discuss the project requirements.
  • A ten-member team of experienced resources was assigned to start the project off, and the client initially assisted with the training.
  • Input was provided in the form of coordinate details and the client's proprietary software.
  • DEO performed trials for 100 locations, accurately geo-tagging them and then delivering it to the client.
  • Following the client's swift approval, DEO moved forward with the project and used the client's online tool with a map, whereby the coordinates and bearing were updated, and a geofence was created around each location.
  • DEO then determined the exact latitude and longitude coordinates and heading of an asset.
  • The team calculated the heading from the centroid of the asset and kept following that direction until reaching a building or other hard object to determine the line of sight to the asset.
  • Coordinates and distance to the centroid of nearby road segments were then obtained.
  • Following this, DEO calculated the heading from the asset centroid through the road segment centroid coordinates and kept going in each direction until reaching one knock into a building coordinate, utilizing a simple point-in-polygon calculation. This accounted for any obstructions to line of sight.
  • DEO then built a geofence from all of the farthest coordinates.
  • Various snapshot images of the maps were finally uploaded through the client's portal, and the assignment was completed on time.

Exceptional Steps Taken by DEO

DEO wanted to exceed all possible expectations for this project. Therefore the following exceptional steps were taken:

  • The project was initially projected to be completed within six months. However, the client altered the deadline to 3 months.
  • DEO doubled the team strength, assigning and training an additional ten resources to ensure the assignment could be completed within the revised 3-month period.

Project Benefits

The DEO team closed this geo-mapping project successfully, and was pleased to deliver the following results:

  • The client was impressed with DEO's commitment to providing excellent service and personally thanked the team for accommodating their request for a shortened deadline.
  • DEO was able to exceed the expected benchmarks for accuracy and quality, and all geo-tagging locations were completed with precision.
  • DEO secured a valuable, high profile client, as well as further professional engagements for a mutually beneficial, long-term working relationship.
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