The Data Mining Process at DataEntryOutsourced

DataEntryOutsourced (DEO) provides data management services to clients who need to make timely and effective use of their data for multiple purposes — diversification, improving the bottom line, expansion, preventing security problems, and much more. The data mining team at DEO collects and presents the most relevant data to our clients based expressly on what the customer needs us to do.

DataEntryOutsourced rigidly adheres to the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) that includes these six phases:

  • Business Understanding – Determining business objectives, assessing circumstances, establishing data mining goals, and developing project plans.
  • Data Understanding – Collecting data and then organizing data with a focus on the most meaningful information.
  • Data Preparation – Selection of relevant data and transformation into a format most conducive for data modeling.
  • Modeling – After selecting techniques that facilitate conversion of raw data into meaningful results, testing model validity.
  • Evaluation – Evaluating modeling results and how they impact the client's business objectives.
  • Deployment – Organizing and presenting data mining results to the client.

Secondary Sources for Data Mining Used by DEO

Based on each client's requirements, DataEntryOutsourced identifies secondary data mining sources that will be most useful, reliable, and accurate for the task at hand. While DEO will always customize the specific sources used for a client, here are some examples of secondary sources that we often find to be cost-effective for data mining:

  • White pages – While often used as a last resort in finding desired contact information, white pages often prove to be an effective source of information by DEO's data mining team.
  • Company information databases – Our data mining team has access to paid professional database websites that often represent the only practical way to get contact information for particular companies and industries.
  • Professional websites – For specialized business purposes, professional networking websites are invaluable data mining sources. DEO's data mining team has access to these websites as well as working familiarity with how to obtain desired data. For example, we can deliver contact information for the top echelons of senior management that is simply not readily available through other sources.
  • Annual reports of companies – While annual reports represent an ideal source of information, gleaning the data from lengthy documents can be challenging and time-consuming. DEO obtains reliable and accurate data from these public documents that are an exceptional source of detailed accounting data and general corporate information. But this data will often remain buried in the "fine print and footnotes" without the effort to apply data mining to uncover these important details.
  • Yellow pages – Because both public and private enterprises rely on business and commercial directories as a traditional way for potential customers to find what they are looking for, the yellow pages should never be overlooked if a client wants an exhaustive analysis of venues such as restaurants or hotels. DEO can streamline any data mining process involving the yellow pages and other public business directories.

Other Examples of Data Mining at DataEntryOutsourced

Data mining has provided new business opportunities for organizations of all sizes by enabling the world of "Big Data" to be reduced to more understandable and usable information. As illustrated above, extracting contact information from secondary sources is one way that DEO can help our clients compete more effectively in an ultra-competitive business environment.

DataEntryOutsourced can also provide online data mining services in conjunction with medical/healthcare data mining, retail data mining, business intelligence data mining, image data mining, SQL data mining, and open source data mining. DEO also provides offline data mining that includes many of the examples just noted as well as social media data mining, PDF data mining, visual data mining, and Excel/Word data mining.

More Advantages Than Low Cost

DEO's data mining team works tirelessly to deliver a superior quality data mining service in a timely fashion. All the while, DataEntryOutsourced never loses sight of the client's requirements. We take special care to ensure that our data mining work is reliable, accurate, free of duplicity, and easily understandable.

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