Background Check Process When Hiring Data Entry Operators

In this age of identity and information theft, guarding one's personal information has become more important than ever. The public doesn't often consider how their personal and private information is being handled and used, and in an online world of faceless informational grids and pathways, it is easy to forget that, initially, your data is being processed by a living and breathing person. So how does one ensure that data entry is not falling into the wrong hands? At Data Entry Outsourced, we have instituted a strict, unimpeachable method of data protection as well as a rigorous employee hiring system to ensure that your personal, sensitive information is protected.

Data Entry Outsourced takes privacy of its clients very seriously and has zero-tolerance for any breach. After all, the integrity of our company rests on the good graces of the people who do business with us. Without customer's recommendations and repeat patronage, our business will falter and eventually fail. Trust is an absolute hard line. Personal information begins with data entry. Everything from bank statements, medical information, social security numbers, military documents, and family history gets into one system or another, be it a big city hospital or your local bank. It stands to reason that the person or people handling these types of information are trustworthy and above reproach.

Why We Run Background Checks?

At Data Entry Outsourced, background checks are very important, and though this seems like it can be a quick and easy thing in this age of Facebook and Instagram, it goes deeper than that. Actual background checks through a trustworthy third party company helps run thorough check on the history of a potential employee. One thing that Data Entry Outsourced has done to ensure our employees are trustworthy is by performing quality character and background checks.

When we hire a data entry specialist, we consider a few important points such as: Do they have a criminal history? Are there any prior complaints from former employers? Have suspicious looking past? Have they had other long-term, stable jobs? Have they frequently switched jobs, living places, or schools? All of these examples are potential red flags, and are looked into more carefully when we hire someone who will be handling the private information of clients.

Our Different Types of Background Checks

We perform different types of background checks depending on a company's specific employee requirements. Some background screenings only check criminal records, and others are more involved and look to reveal details that help a company decide if a person's character is worthy of entrusting personal data. Data Entry Outsourced verifies a variety of information before hiring data entry specialists so that we can guarantee our client's personal information is handled with the utmost trust and care. We typically look for several factors when hiring, and do a thorough background check that includes past employment verification, credit history, and criminal history. These checks are a means of judging a job candidate's trustworthiness, character, past, and identify possible risks to security and safety. An employment verification check is seemingly insignificant, however, it helps companies like ours verify that all employees are honest about the level of experience they claim to have. Also, it confirms that all listed past employment experience is on par with the level of work we do at Data Entry Outsourced. We stress the importance of employment history verification so that we can confirm that the employment information included on a candidate's resume or job application is accurate, which in turn helps to ensure accurate and honest data entry usage.

Your personal information needs to be secure, and we guard it closely, which is why we run expensive, detailed checks on employees that work with private data. Detailed reports reveal information such as military services, worker's compensation, bankruptcies, criminal records, credit reports, and certain medical records.

In Summation

Background checks are necessary to implement good business practices and maintain a safe working environment for both employees and clients. As the current age of identity theft and online information continues to expand and become more common, Data Entry Outsourced is committed to excellence by performing routine quality character and background checks on all existing and future employees. It is our way of promising an honest experience to each of our valued clients, and instilling a policy of integrity in our business relationships.

Background checks help businesses like ours comply with laws, and protect company and client assets. As this is becoming a more common practice before hiring a new employee, businesses are relying on detailed background information to determine if the information included on a resume is accurate, and if an employee is the right fit. Sensitive personal information is often mishandled, whether deliberately or accidentally, and it is imperative that a business fills its roster with people that are responsible, honest, and knowledgeable so that private data continues to stay private. Data Entry Outsourced holds its responsibilities to our clients and to our business ethics at a high standard, and as the integrity of our business is only as good as our employees, we continue to run background checks on anyone becoming a part of our company so that we can remain the trustworthy data entry specialists you have come to rely on.

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