Data Entry Operators Skill Sets and Processes at DEO

Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) is a foremost data entry and data management service provider with over ten years of industry experience. Featuring an extensive and diverse range of services, DEO serves the needs of clients across Europe, North America, Australia, and the United States. Our high quality, consistent output is attributed to our skilled, in-demand team boasting the highest caliber of data entry operators key skills and reliance on premium software and hardware.

Skill Sets of Data Entry Operators at DEO

Being at the forefront of data entry innovation enables DEO to be selective when it comes to our teams and data entry skill set. Our high quality and consistent output are attributed to our data entry operators key skills and reliance on cutting-edge data entry software and infrastructure. To learn more about our team of data entry specialists and their skillsets, read on.

  • Command of Excel, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Outlook, NoSQL, SAS, Hadoop, and SQL.
  • Ability to maintain expected data entry operator key skills of 8,000 to 10,000 keystrokes per hour with over 98% accuracy rates, averaging 45 to 50 WPM.
  • Strong knowledge of data processing techniques and procedures, including proofreading, data coding, sorting, filing, and entry log maintenance.
  • Aptitude with data management systems for formatting, validation, modification, updating, correction, and interpretation.
  • Experience working with various source data, including customer, transactional, social, sensor and machine, and document.

Different Categories of Data Entry Requiring Specialized Skill Set

  • CRM Data Entry — Our team possesses the administrative skills and subject matter expertise in various customer data required to provide value during the data entry process, ensuring clients can better manage their customer interactions and data while improving sales and ROI.
  • ERP Data Entry — This demands a high level of experience working with ERP software systems, our operators compile data to support metrics analyzing current processes, and deliver the most accurate data entry by the familiarity with common ERP data, including price changes, new product and account data, product keyword creation, sales representative data, and product line data, etc.
  • Image Data Entry — Our proficiency in capturing, indexing, and storing image data, including reviewing scanned images in appropriate software, indexing keywords and format types with the aid of specialized automated systems, and correcting or rescanning images make the right data entry when issues are identified.
  • Data Mining and Data Cleansing — Familiarity in programming languages such as Python, Perl, and Java, and experience using data analysis tools, particularly NoSQL, SAS, Hadoop, and SQL helps us deliver quality data entry. This streamlines the maintenance, correction, and repairing of data during cleansing, and the extraction of useful, meaningful information during data mining.
  • Ecommerce Data Entry — Our experience with spreadsheets and formulas, knowledge of online marketing, database and catalog development and maintenance, and proficiency entering eCommerce data such as UPCs, pricing, and dimensions into web-based systems helps in providing professional eCommerce Data entry.
  • Invoice Data Entry — Our data entry operators’ first-hand experience in sorting, capturing, and indexing invoice data, including medical, payroll, billing, financial services, surveys, retail, insurance, and automotive helps in providing invoice data entry services. Our knowledge in Microsoft Word and Excel, and ability to work with database programs and software applications also makes data entry hassle-free and accurate.

Engagement Models and DEO’s Approach to Projects

Though DEO approaches each project with individual results in mind, we follow a standard structure for our data entry processes that produce accurate, quality work every time built around the data entry skills description:

  • Contract & Engagement Model — DEO facilitates contract management, including delivery expectations, pricing, and deadlines. Our agile outsourcing framework includes engagement models that fit the various service and budgetary needs of our clients, including FTE and Ad-Hoc solutions.
  • Client Deliverables — The client sends input, which may include hard copy documents and invoices, digital information that can be sent via our secure FTP, or information through client portals or systems.
  • Team Assembly — Project Manager reviews each case and assembles the appropriate data entry team members according to availability, experience, data entry operator key skills, and project requirements.
  • Data Collection — Provided information is collected in a method that’s determined by source data, whether it’s online, offline, or hard copies. ICR, OCR, and IWR technologies are utilized as needed to ensure all data is effectively captured.
  • Data Entry and Processing — Input is scanned or entered into the appropriate system for further processing and manipulation using a combination of manual and automated techniques.
  • Validation & Enhancement — Data entry errors, redundancies, duplicates, and inaccuracies are identified and corrected, proofreading is performed, and information is enhanced with metadata, classifiers, or supplemental information.
  • Quality Control — The processed data is sent to a Quality Control Lead to verify accuracy and quality benchmarks.
  • Output Delivery — Final formatting occurs per the client’s request, and output is delivered to the client.

Outsource Your Data Entry Processes to DEO

Our optimized workflow and efficient data entry process, driven by the best-in-industry skills of our handpicked data entry operators, ensure that your company will receive flawless outcomes and an excellent experience while working with DEO. We look beyond standard data entry operator key skills and insist our team be ahead of the newest methodologies and practices.

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