Tagging and Property Data Entry for UK Based Property Information Aggregator

The Client - A Property and Homes Search Engine Manager

Based In the UK, the client has created a 'Property and Homes' search engine for the public to use when looking for a home in certain areas, or when needing to improve a current home.

They have provided a user-friendly platform where users can find their dream home simply by describing their ideal purchase needs in the search bar on their website. By including details like garden orientation, location, price, and size of the house, the search engine helps find the ideal UK houses for sale. Along with detailed information on each house, the client also provides photos floorplans, as well as 3D models of the house after the works.

Tagging and Property Data Entry Requirements by the Client

The client contacted Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) team with a project requiring tagging and a detailed information entry for each property. This included the number of floors and measurement of the property so that they could update those values in their search engine.

This project had a timeline of one year and four months, with four resources and a one-month initial trial period.

Challenges Faced by the Data Entry Outsourced Team

In taking on this project, the main challenges we faced were due to specific detail requirements. Some properties look too similar in the "Street View." Hence floor plan analyzing skills were required. We combatted this by ensuring that our best data analysts were assigned to that aspect of the task.

Process Followed by Our Property Data Entry Team

Utilizing years of data entry experience, our team at Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) worked tirelessly to ensure the client's needs were met. Each property was properly scanned and estimated to provide as much information as possible. Our Process for this tagging and property data entry case study was as follows:

  • We had an in-depth meeting with the client to ascertain exactly what was needed. Once all parties on the same page we moved into the one-month trial period.
  • Upon completion of a successful trial period, we started receiving the property details via the client's dashboard.
  • The client provided the resources access to their portal so they were able to gain access to the typed invoices.
  • Our task was to find the exact house or bungalow from the "Google Street View" and tagging the property in the "Google Maps" from the images provided by the client.
  • We marked the available roofs of the property excluding the "ground floor extension."
  • Once these edits were complete, we sent the final products back to the client for uploading.

Project Benefits – 100% Accurate Delivery Within the Agreed Timelines

By outsourcing this project to us, the client was able to not only get the exact information they needed but also save a large amount of time and money. We were able to assure a high-quality finish backed up by our years of experience and expertise. The client was so impressed by our work that we envision a long and mutually beneficial professional relationship with them.

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