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Case Study: A Leading Branding Company in the United States


Our client was:

  • A US-based branding and networking firm renowned worldwide for its exclusive suite of personal branding and networking services, which enable its members to identify, create, and promote their brands to stand out from the crowd and achieve professional growth
  • Acquired by another organization
  • Struggling to regain the confidence of its customers and thus looking for an offshore partner that would provide it with the best solutions at a cost-effective price
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The challenges facing us were:

  • To help the client regain the confidence of its customers by providing them with quality and timely service with respect to new members' biographies
  • To meet the most rigorous biography-editing standards
  • To meet the daily screening, editing of individual profiles for the new membership biography to enable the client to focus on upscale members and VIP biographies


The steps we took to address the challenges were:

  • Selecting a dedicated team of 4 candidates proficient in the Associated Press style guide (AP style guide) to meet the client's tight turnaround time of 12 hours
  • Assigning dedicated time slots to the candidates who worked on the project
  • Using dedicated user logins to edit biographies on the customer's system
  • Meeting all BIOS editing-related tasks


Our actions resulted in:

  • Successful implementation of the recommended changes during the client's training and screen-sharing feedback sessions
  • Increase in the team output from 4 to 25 biographies for the new members' category, which was at least 40-50% more than the output of the customer's in-house staff
  • The client's appreciation and acknowledgment of the good work done—they decided to provide us with additional work on upscale members' biographies, for which we have added 2 more members to our team
  • 60% savings on infrastructure costs and the option to keep 50% of our staff on standby to deal with spikes in workload
  • Cost savings for the client—over $5,200 per month
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