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Dutch Business Solution Provider Gets Critical CRM Data Entry Services from DEO

The Client - Business Solutions Provider

Our client is responsible for creating a range of fully customized software solutions for businesses around the globe. Based in Holland, US, quality, and safety is the utmost priority for the client. They offer several ready-built options as well as development solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each business that crosses their path.

The client reached out to Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) to assist them with a high-value data entry project for one of their customers.

Business Solutions Provider

CRM Data Entry Requirements for the Project

The client approached DEO with a list of schools and the details about the students. The client wanted to transfer the handwritten student information into their CRM. This list contained fully comprehensive details including parent details, their phone no, a place they work, emergency contact, fee structure, credit card details, payment consent, food details of the students, and medical details and allergy.

We received the list in PDF format and needed to complete between 300 and 500 forms every week. DEO assigned four dedicated resources for the project to work on this task on an ongoing basis.

Challenges Faced by DEO's CRM Data Entry Team

The handwritten copies weren't particularly clear, so we had some challenges reading the inputs. Additionally, we also faced issues related to inadequate details for which the team needed to approach the client a number of times.

Data Entry Process Followed by Data Entry Outsourced

To complete this project within the client's deadline, we assigned a team of 4 resources including three data entry operators and one QC specialist. The team prepared a structured process and even documented it to be followed during the project.

Before starting the project, as part of the process, the data entry team also did a risk analysis to find out the risk areas so that we don't miss the delivery timelines in any case. The process outline for the project was as below:

  • We received the documents from the client and verified them. Dedicated resources were assigned to the task.
  • At this first stage itself we clarified the doubts and collected all the missing information from the client.
  • We digitized the information from the handwritten documents and did a round of though quality check.
  • Finally, we proceeded to transfer the handwritten details into the client's CRM and updated the client as well.

Project Benefits

The client was impressed with the pace at which our data entry team was able to complete the CRM data entry task. As a result of our impeccable work ethic, the client enjoyed reduced costs for zero-error data entry.

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