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Profile Categorization and Customized Data Entry for Leading App Development Company

The Client - Market Leader in App Development

The client is an app development and lead generation-based company that focuses on matching, messaging and video chat applications for iOS and Android. They believe in building lasting partnerships with entrepreneurs and app developers, with established umbrella brands to co-develop or license our technology for original vertical messaging applications the public come to appreciate.

Market Leader in App Development

Requirements for Profile Categorization and Customized Data Entry

The client approached Data Entry Outsourced (DEO) with a project involving profile segregation from a website. We were required to analyze profiles to ascertain if they are suitable or not in regards to specific chat niches like Whiplr, VIGR, and for general use like Chatmaker.

The client has a user base of millions of engaged smartphone users so that they can deliver laser-targeted qualified leads for almost any campaign.

We were given a one-month trial period, with a duration of about one hour every week, with four resources trained. The main project was given a timeline of two years and six months.

Challenges Faced by Our Data Entry Team

In taking on this project, the main challenges our team faced were due to the millions of users that make up the client's database. The profiles were immensely varied and substantial. At times we also had difficulty navigating through the client's online portal.

To combat the pressures of such a task, we put four highly experience resources onto the project. Taking the clients terms and expectations into consideration, we divided the work up and gave each profile the attention required. The client was also very helpful in providing guidance when using their portal.

Process Outline for the Customized Data Entry Project

In ensuring that the client received exactly what they needed, our team paid close attention to detail and worked tirelessly to complete the tasks correctly.

  • We had an in-depth meeting with the client before taking on this task to clarify exactly what would be needed, making reports and notes on specific details to look out for.
  • Once the project was started, we received the profiles through the client portal which had to be approved or declined appropriately in the same portal.
  • Working on this every day, we sent back profile details we felt qualified for the client to inspect and approve from their side.
  • Once a profile was approved it was uploaded onto their live dashboard.

Project Benefits that Data Entry Outsourced Brought In

Our team immensely enjoyed working on this project. The varied content made for an interesting task. Because of the work ethic and experience of our team members, we were able to not only work within the set time parameters of this project but also delivered the exact data the client needed to move forward.

The client was pleased with our work and has handed over more projects for us to work on. The world of online and cell phone applications is still in its infancy with broad horizons and undiscovered potential. We are enthusiastic about working within this sector while also building a strong, beneficial partnership with the client in projects to come.

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